Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Автор: , 15 Янв 2013

Поставьте глаголы в форму Present Simple или Present Continuous.


1.___ she  always _____ (talk)? I _____ (wish) she would shut up.


2.She _____ ( not like) Chinese food.


3.Dad never _____ (cook) dinner.


4.The sun _____ (set) in the west.


5.Ann _____ (love) animals.


6.Karen and Lucy _____ (have) lunch now.


7.My mum  _____ (go) shopping on Saturdays.


8.Her parents _____ (go) to Spain every summer.


9. What's that strange sound? Someone _____ (play) the violin.


10.Children, be quiet. Your grandfather  _____ (sleep).


11.Their friends never_____ (stay in) on Saturday evening.


12.He _____ (visit) his grandmother in France at the moment.


13.My girlfriend _____ (have)  brown eyes and long straight hair.


14. Lore ____________ (live) in Denmark.


15.Her brother_____ (go) to school on weekdays.


16.I don't like living in England. It always _____ (rain).


17.Where ___ you _____ (go) ?I _____ (go)to the baker's.


18.We _____ ( enjoy) seeing a beautiful sunset.


19.Jane _____ (listen) to music at the moment.


20.The kettle _____ (boil). Can you turn it off?


21.Food prices _____ (rise) fast.


22.I'd better go now. It _____ (get) late.


23. __ you _____ (understand) what I ______ (mean)?


24.Right now I _____ (spend) my holidays in Jamaica.


25.What __ that woman _____ (want)?


26.Who is that girl? Why __ she _____ (stare) at us?


27.I _____  ( not believe) him.


28.She is 45, but she _____ (look) much younger.


29.Hurry up! Everybody _____ (wait) for you!


30.Look! There's so much snow. The children _____ (play) snowballs.


31.Wendy always _____ (wash) the dishes after dinner.


32.They usually _____ (go) to the sport centre on Fridays.


33.The teacher _____ (talk) to Kate at the moment.


34.She _____ (wear) a trendy dress today.


35.Everyone _____ (drive) on the left in England.


36.I _____ (hate) rude people.


37.You can't talk to her right now. She _____ (take) a shower.


38.We _____ (go) skiing every winter.


39.How many languages __ he _____ (speak)?


40.You _____ (need) to see a dentist.


41.Phil _____ (drink) too much coffee.


42.I _____ (play) tennis right now.


43.The soup _____ (taste) disgusting.


44.I _____ ( not play) football with my friends on Saturdays.


45.What __ you _____ (do)? I'm a writer.


46.What __ you _____ (do) now? I'm writing an e-mail.


47.You're so lucky, I _____ (envy) you.


48.George _____ ( prefer) tea to coffee.


49.Ben _____ (do) his homework at the moment.


50.I _____ (wish) to become rich and famous.


51.They are in London this week. They _____ (stay) at the Hilton Olympia.


52.Look! The dog _____ (jump) into the water.


53.I _____ (look) in the mirror.What a beauty!


54.She never _____ (change) her mind.


55.Listen! Somebody _____ (sing) in our bathroom.


56.Every morning Alice _____ (take) her dog for a walk.


57.Mark usually _____ (help) his wife around the house.


58.Bob _____ (make) coffee now.


59.She _____ (hang out) with her friends at the moment.


60.Can't you see? They _____ (sunbathe).


61.Look! The man ______ (open) the door.


62.Quiet, please! I __________ (read) a book.


63.She _____ (work) as a secretary.


64.We _____ (know) each other very well.


65.Who _____ (have) breakfast in the kitchen now?


66.John _____ (study)really hard for his exams this week.


67.Don't bother me now. I ______ (work) on a serious project.


68.__ Frank _____ (work) in a cafe?


69.He usually _____ (wear) a T-shirt and jeans in summer .


70.Brenda _____ (like) banana ice cream.


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