Hobbies and interests

Автор: , 23 Мар 2013

I would like to tell you about hobbies and interests. To start with there is a great variety of hobbies and interests.


Actually, different people have different hobbies because hobbies differ like tastes. So, people do those hobbies that  suit their personalities and choose  hobbies that they enjoy.


Some of the most popular pastimes are listening to music, reading, playing sports, painting, fishing, gardening, travelling, cooking, learning foreign languages, collecting  stamps and coins.


Although, there are a great number of other activities that people choose as their hobbies. Some of them are really rare and strange and  some are very difficult and unique. They include tornado chasing, ghost hunting, collecting insects or celebrity autographs, doing extreme sports  and many other hobbies.


Hobbies and interests are good because they help people  relax and switch off from daily routine, become well-rounded and discover their hidden talents.


Also, hobbies are a great way to spend  their free time and give them the great chance to learn, for example, some new skills. Hobbies can also help meet those people who have the same interests and make good friends.  Moreover, they  give us something creative to do, and that improves our self-esteem.


To my mind, it’s important to have at least one hobby because I’m pretty sure that any hobby will make our life more interesting.



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